Our New Track “Escape from the Sun”!

Our new Reggae/Rock song coming straight out of the Austin, TX heat is called "Escape from the Sun".   This new track, which is available for free download, is about the nocturnal revolution - turning into creatures of the night during the summer since it's just too damn hot during the day. 

The creation of this track was truly organic.  Tyler randomly came up with the bassline and everything else fell into place one day during a jam session.  Our hope is that you download this one, jam it out on those perfect summer nights, and sing along with us when we play it live this summer!

Download "Escape from the Sun" Now

Cheers to Summer!

We decided to celebrate the official start of summer 2012 by sharing our entire Tin Can Phone discography via BandCamp! For free! That's right, every track we could find, we have up for free stream now. Just a note: Some albums stream directly on the BandCamp website, and some albums (ie. "Four More Songs") have a link to stream the album at our SoundCloud.com hub. Soo go out and enjoy the sun with Tin Can Phone all summer long
And don't forget about the new single for the month of July, "Escape from the Sun", coming in about a week!

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“Brand New Key” featuring Jamie Johnson

Some fresh Austin Rock/Reggae coming at ya with a new song every month available for free here on our website. For this month (June 2012) we were blessed to be able to feature another local Austin musician, female singer-songwriter, Jamie Johnson.  I must say this cover song of the 1970's classic is the perfect June/summer party track.

Sign-up for the "TIN CAN CREW" to download all 4 of our latest tracks including this one. If you're already sign-up just login here. If you're already logged in they go straight to the free MP3 download page.  Please let us know what you think of the new song, the artwork, or anything else in the comment section below this post.

Download "Brand New Key.MP3" Now

or stream this song here:


“Cast Away” Now Available for Free Download!

This is our first song featuring Tyler Rusin (our bassist) on vocals.  Let us know what you think in the comments section and download this track for free by clicking the link below.

Download "Cast Away" for Free Here

“Light Within” Now Available for Free Download

Our experiment is now well underway.   One new song a month - Month #2 (April)

"Light Within"

Download "Light Within" for Free Here


Download “Accidental Distraction” for Free!

Happy March everybody!!  Some of you have probably heard us blabbering on about our new experiment to write, record, produce, and release one new song per month. It's not gonna be easy.... luckily we like a challenge.   The first song "Accidental Distraction" was finished just in the nick of time (last night). 😉

To download the MP3 and Artwork all you have to do is become a member of our new website (for free).  Then we'll email you each month when the new song is hot and ready to be gobbled up by your ears.

Download the "Accidental Distraction" MP3 and Artwork

New TIN CAN PHONE Website Finally Launched!

 The new website has finally launched!  We've still got some work to do (typing out the lyrics to the new album and creating profiles for each member), but we figured it was close enough for an official launch.

The idea behind the new website is to give each one of us an individual profile from which we can post things about the band and other random stuff we think is cool.  We've also created a Facebook commenting section below each post so that we can have engaging, online conversations with anyone that feels as though they might wanna chime in (see below).  

We also have a new song called "Accidental Distraction" that will be coming out in less than a week (March 1st) - so stay tuned for more on that.  

Anyway, I hope you dig the new site so far.  Let us know what you think below 😉